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No.839 : Anonymous Writer [09/11/15(Sun)03:50] [SNAP]

Hi there guys and girls, I'm on the edge of outing my transgender but am really having a hard time... was close to it a couple of times but I keep getting really paranoid which results in me bursting out in tears only to leave my family wondering what's wrong... please help me out, any advice would be greatly appreciated!


No.846 : Jentrap #CkXVw0MbRs [09/11/16(Mon)21:26] []

There's no hurry. (Well unless you NEED to start mones now or something.)

Take your time to build up the courage. Write a letter if you think it might help. Dropping hints might help, but it might also get them angry at you for not telling. You would know better if this would work.

Find someone who you think might take it the easiest and tell them first. Then ask for their help in telling it to others.

No.847 : Anonymous [09/11/17(Tue)04:40] []


I'm close to 18 so I feel like it's now or never as I'm almost out of puberty, any words of wisdom on this would be greatly appreciated.

I've written a letter I think it's pretty good and luckily they're very openminded, now it's only a matter of finding the courage to leave it on the table.

No.855 : jo [09/11/19(Thu)17:24] []

It sounds like you actually want it to be now or never... that's a lot of pressure.

I agree with telling a trusted friend/mentor first; that should help give you some perspective on how to hold your own in the following conversation. If you do this first, and still feel like it's "now or never," then it's clear you're looking more for emotional support as a priority, and it wouldn't hurt to emphasize this if/when you tell your family.


None right now!

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