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No.936 : Plenair [09/12/30(Wed)19:31]

I need some advice... please help me out.
I'm a guy, 20 years old, who would like to start taking hormones as soon as possible but i'm also a bit unsure about this.
1: I'm hetero. I do not feel any attraction to males, neither masculine bodies, besides (and i think for the same reason) I really hate my body and I'll prefer a more feminine figure and ofcourse a different lifestyle. Is this a good reason or I have to be homo to have the transition?
2: I never have done crossdressing outside my room, ( I hope I'll have the courage to go out when I'll be passable...) my friends and my parents dont know this and i dont think they will accept my wishes.

Omitting the point 1 and 2, there is the real big doubt: "And if I'll look very very ugly? If I'll never be passable?" There is not turning back so i get a bit scared. Also, the more time i wait to start HRT the less effects it will give in the future...

I'm sorry if my english is bad, its not my native language anyway i hope you understand me and please reply some advice.
I really dont know what to do.

No.945 : Anonymous [10/01/03(Sun)21:36] []

Trans-Lesbian is very common.

No.953 : Anonymous [10/01/05(Tue)21:53] []


>Trans-lesbian is too common.
No.955 : Anonymous [10/01/09(Sat)22:03] []

well, I'm 20 and just starting my transition, pissed as hell I've waited as long as i have... To get HRT you are gonna have to see a gender therapist~ provided you don't live in the miiddle of nowheres :S Also, make sures you get insurance, which is the reason I can't have HRT for a couple of months still :(

No.964 : Anonymous [10/01/14(Thu)20:01] []


Trans-lesbian is less than 15% of the pie.

No.988 : Shadowtrap #sOSd4BQoMA [10/01/31(Sun)04:49] []

You should be 100% sure of what you are about to do. If you have doubts or anxiety, it is a really bad idea to take medical steps like that.

No.996 : Anonymous [10/02/09(Tue)15:42] []

I'm in the same boat. It's a pretty big decision, but you know you can always quit in the future. You only live once after all.

No.1248 : Randy [12/03/31(Sat)13:43] []

My advice, do not conflate gender and sexuality. Rest assured your desire to be male, female, or something else is not dependent on who you want to sleep with. Just do what you feel comfortable doing. Why be concerned with what society thinks is correct when society is oftentimes wrong?


None right now!

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