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No.940 : Tammy [10/01/01(Fri)20:10]

Aside from the "eat a lot" what are the proper steps to gain weight? i'm 6'0 at 140lbs, more skinny than my bones. my chest is showing its ribcage and i prefer to have some perky tits.

No.943 : jo [10/01/03(Sun)14:43] []

Perhaps you could research "eating right" rather than just to eat a lot. That and an adequate workout to build muscle in the right places will certainly help.

No.959 : Anonymous [10/01/12(Tue)05:32] []

You think that's bad, I'm 6'5 and 115 lbs.

No.1011 : Tammy [10/03/11(Thu)03:29] []


all the "eat right" mention general stuff like protein, chicken, etc. i'm looking for more specific stuff.

i noticed my thighs are pretty big compare to my tiny waist and arms lol.

No.1043 : Anonymous [10/04/23(Fri)19:40] []

Skip breakfast, and eat right before bed. I hear fructose turns to fat a lot faster than other kinds of sugars, so you could try using agave nectar or something instead of sugar.

Watch what you eat. Trying to gain weight is not the same as trying to eat unhealthy.

No.1051 : Anonymous [10/05/01(Sat)14:51] []

6'0 and 140? 6'5 and 115?! I want your metabolisms. 5'9" and barely able to drop to 185 while working out. or is that an effect of hormone pills [stupid hospital not sending right paperworks making me wait grumblegrumble]

No.1065 : Anonymous [10/05/30(Sun)02:42] []

Holy shit. That's exactly what I'm at. Nice, OP.

No.1067 : Anonymous [10/06/04(Fri)08:02] []

chocolate. at least a bar per day. 50%fat, 50%cocoa will help you gain some weight.

No.1151 : Vampyric Jenni [10/10/05(Tue)02:04] []


Do NOT eat right before bed.

Eating within 4 hours of going to sleep can cause acid reflux disease.

Also remember this, most DVs are based on a 2,000 calorie diet.
In general, 3500 calories is one pound of fat.

Stay away from GMOs, Preservatives, Freeze Dried foods, Processed Meats, (most processed meats contain Sodium Nitrate).
These are all very bad for you. =3

No.1170 : Anonymous [10/11/30(Tue)06:03] []

You need a proper diet and such; make sure to take a multivitamin, and eat fresh vegis and such, lots of starches and oils. the hard part is finding a balance when your at the weight you like; the balance would be of diet and exercise to keep the weight you want without loosing or gaining. protein is not necessary, the energy nutrients are what will be stored as fat cells and the main ones are starches(rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc) oils and fats(olives, olive vegi and other oils, cheese and dairy) and carbs(rice, grains, oats, and natural sugars from fruits and vegis)

rice could be a staple of your diet, cooked with olive oil it'd be heart healthy and put the meat on your bones like you want. fortify with a daily vitamin, plenty of water, fresh vegis, and maintain a lower activity level

No.1172 : Anonymous [10/12/02(Thu)06:18] []

I'm 6'3 and 107 lbs. I lose weight faster than I gain it, my metabolism is fucked.


None right now!

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