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No.989 : Zoeychan [10/01/31(Sun)23:34] [SNAP]

Hey girls :)

I've been lurking here for awhile and I eventually want to be a fulltime trap. I've never been comfortable as a male, I feel like I've always been playing a role. With that said, I think I have a lot of things going for me (I'm short, I have a round jaw line, generally feminine face, supple waist, smooth, non muscular legs, I'm not fat but I seem to have a head start on boobs somehow) and a lot of things not so much going for me (facial hair that won't quit, body hair that won't quit, hair that might be receding). I'm 22 now but I've always wanted to do this. I live in LA, away from my family, with my boyfriend who isn't entirely against it. By not entirely against it, I mean I don't think he'd break up with me over it, but he would probably make fun of me for it a little though. Aside from that, I've even told all the people I work with that I eventually want to be a girl and even joked about getting a new name badge that says "Zoey" on it. I only have a few pictures of me crossdressing (right now it's just me dressed up as Velma for Halloween) because it doesn't happen that often unfortunately due to a lack of money to make it happen.

I guess my main question is, if I want advice on where to go next with transition, is it okay for me to post a couple of pics? The CD board on Tranchan seems more for porn which I'm not ready for.

No.990 : Anonymous [10/02/01(Mon)20:33] []

Well, it depends on how far along you are, I'd say. From how it sounds, you seem to be content on being a girl and you'll most likely be /tsg/ material one day.

I'd suggest start off in /cdg/ until your status "upgrades" to that of a trap; e.g. where people can't tell right away that you're one specific gender. /cdg/ is a good place to begin the journey, IMO.


None right now!

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